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About Straya.gg

We're passionate about providing the best hosting experience and tools to help your community thrive.

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What We Do

We champion server owners by delivering the perfect help and tools for their journey.


Complete Server Solutions

Our best-in-class solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.


Extensive Tools

Our slick, modern control panel provides the best tools avaialble and doesn't get in your way with slow load times or decade old UI design.


Expert Support

Our small team of professionals are located in Australia and are more than happy to help you. We host our own game servers just like you and have decades of combined experience doing so - You can trust that we understand your needs.


We host our own hardware in Australian Datacentres so you can focus on what matters.

Locally Owned

Say no to cheap VPC's! We run on our own locally owned and hosted hardware, aiming to be affordable and with no compromises

24/7 Support

Our friendly, australia-wide support team is here to help!

Off-site Backups

Our off-site backups protect your server in simple cases of you accidentally deleting a file, right through to major environmental catastrophes.


One-click Mod Manager

Because vanilla just doesn't cut it sometimes.

Our Mod Manager allows you to install and uninstall mods with the click of a button which means less time messing around with code for you and less downtime for your community.

Server Files in your Browser

Sometimes FTP just isn't convenient enough.

Quickly access, edit, delete, upload, download, (you get the point...), your server files anywhere and from any device through our panel in your web browser, even on your phone. When you forgot to change that one line of code at 3 AM and you're already in bed, you'll be glad you have it.


Control Anywhere

Are you a road warrior?

Access and control your server from anywhere on any device, no retrictions. You can edit code on your phone, upload and download files, manage permissions to your server admins, install mods and much more.

Server Stats

Charts are cool.

Keep a close watch on how your server is performing, how many players you have, and execute commands to keep your server running smoothly for your players.


Off-Site Backups

There's no substitute for peace of mind.

Reliable, off-site backups are important to us as they make sure that even if one of our datacentres gets nuked, you can de-deploy your servers to another node instantly.